When it comes to researching information from secondary sources, using a range of reputable research tools will enable you to find accurate, unbiased information. Some great research tools are:

Search Engines – the best approach

Key Word Selection & RefinementSearch Engine SelectionRefine your SearchAssess the Results

Online Databases


An online database of reputable and authorative websites specifically designed for Australian secondary students. Links are organised by subject headings. Login with Faith’s username and password – don’t know it? Ask a Librarian!


An excellent database of 150 News Corporation newspapers and magazines worldwide, dating back to 1984. It is Australian, there is a wealth of articles collected from Australian newpapers. You can search for text articles using ‘keywords’ or ‘search terms’. There are, however, no illustrations, advertisments or photos – Newsphotos is a great place to look for these!

iPad apps


The Faith Library has an app ready for you to install on your iPads.  This app will direct you to some excellent resources you can borrow and some reputable, authoritative websites.  Faith Studens and Staff can download the Destiny app and sign in with “destiny.flc.local” and then access using their usual school User ID and Password.


An app directly linked to the Wikipedia servers. This app is a useful starting point for your research and exploring ideas. But remember anybody can contribute to Wikipedia so you will need to cross reference and validate the information presented.

Side by Side

This useful site allows you to place two websites next to each other on your iPad. You can then compare and contrast the content of the sites and spot any inconsistencies within the sources.

studyvibe Click here for Studyvibe’s list of iPad Apps available to help you with your study and subjects.

Validating Information

Enables you to find out who has published a site – this will help you to determine if it is a reputable source of information.

Online Help Desks

Your Tutor

Is an online help desk which connects you to an expert Australian tutor.  The tutors have expertise in different areas and when your query is logged it will be directed to the appropriate expert.

Primary Sources

Document Analysis Worksheets

You may find these excellent document analysis worksheets created by the National Archives and Records Administration in the US for use with Primary Sources useful when conducting research. These worksheets help you assess various forms of primary sources – written documents, photographs, cartoons, posters, maps, artifacts, motion pictures and sound recordings.