Invitation to inquiry
Open minds
Stimulate curiosity



This is where we are introduced to a general inquiry topic.
At this stage our key objectives are to open our minds and stimulate curiosity and inspiration.


  • Engage in conversation with classmates and educators
    • talk about your ideas –  this is necessary to get your thinking going.
    • Pose questions for discussion and exploration.
  • Think about the overall content of the inquiry
    • Are you able to highlight the key concepts within the inquiry topic?
  • Connect the inquiry topic to what you already know from your own knowledge and experience
  • Identify the meanings of and group key words, concepts and ideas.
  • Listen to and attempt to understand multiple perspectives.


  • What is the purpose of the inquiry topic?
  • What are the key words and ideas in the topic?
  • What do I already know about the topic?
  • How can I rephrase the inquiry topic in my own words?
  • How is the inquiry topic related to my learning?
  • Ask the 6 W’s: What, When, Where, Which, Who and Why?
  • What are you thinking our next steps might be?



Edmodo – Brainstorming and mind-mapping
Lino – Sticky notes – good for brainstorming
Mindmeister – Online mind mapping software
Youtube – Videos that can be used as a stimulus to engage students in the inquiry process
Spiderscribe – Online mind-mapping and brainstorming tool
TED-Ed – Education talks/videos that can be used as an engaging stimulus for discussion and further thought