Pause and ponder

Identify inquiry question

Decide direction


Pause your inquiry, form a focus and identify a meaningful inquiry question.
Make use of the background knowledge, ideas discussion and notes to construct and clearly articulate a focused question that will frame the rest of your inquiry.



  • Consider from your exploration of various sources:
    • Interesting ideas you have pursued
    • Pressing problems which have arisen
    • Emergent themes
  • What is meaningful to you and relevant to your inquiry? What would you like to focus on?
  • Assimilate and reflect upon your exploration to determine an area of concentration.
  • Formulate an inquiry question which is clear, concise and focused. This will allow you to move forward with confidence and clarity.
  • When drafting your inquiry question check the definitions of the words you are using to ascertain whether they clearly communicate your intention.
  • When you have a clear inquiry question consider collaborating and conversing with those around you to test and share the question for further refinement.
  • Ensure the methods of research you are going to employ are ethical. Eg. Before quoting somebody in an interview you have conducted you must ask their permission to do so.


  • What is meaningful to me and relevant to my inquiry?
  • What would I like to focus on?
  • Is my inquiry question too broad? Should I narrow it down to make it achievable and meaningful?
  • Is my inquiry question clearly articulated?
  • Say your inquiry question aloud to a friend. Does it still make sense?


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