Explore interesting ideas

Look around

Dip in


The Explore phase will prepare you to develop a meaningful inquiry question.
There are different kinds of reading for different stages in your inquiry process.
During this phase you should browse a variety of sources of information for interesting ideas.
Keep an open mind and reflect on the new information as you begin to find questions which seem particularly important to you.



  • Lightly read or ‘Dip In’ to a variety of texts and sources.
    • By only ‘dipping’ into the information you are enabling yourself to explore further into interesting ideas without overwhelming yourself with too many facts which may not fit together or aren’t important.
    • Browse, scan or skim texts for relevant information and key words.
  • Identify information which has links to the inquiry topic.
  • Continue to assess the credibility of sources – fact – opinion – deficiencies – inconsistencies – bias.
  • Record new information and paths of inquiry.
    • Make a habit of ‘Stop and Jot’ – when you come across a good idea or question.
    • Jot ideas down in notes or brainstorming, now is not the time to take extensive, detailed notes.
    • Divide a page into two columns, one for page number and source, one for your ideas and questions.
  • Synthesise and reflect upon the new information with an open mind to form a meaning full inquiry question.


  • How will I record new information?
  • What sources of information can I explore?
  • How will I know where to look within a text for relevant information?
  • How can I assess the credibility of a source?
  • What is holding my interest as I explore? (This may lead you to your inquiry question)
  • How can I summarise what I am reading or seeing?
  • Is what I am exploring still relevant to the inquiry topic? How?


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