Reflect on learning

Go beyond facts to make meaning

Create to communicate


At this stage you are ready to reflect and organise your research and the deep understanding of your inquiry question into a creative presentation.  Now is the time to interpret and extend upon what you have learned and create a way to communicate your findings.

  • Review your inquiry question to re-connect with the purpose of your task.
  • Identify the audience you are creating your information for and consider potential forms of presentation. Select the most appropriate based on your findings and capabilities.
  • What are the requirements of your chosen form/style of presentation? List them. This may help you to map plan your creative process.
  • Collate your research notes into groups of information representative of ideas or pathways of thought.
  • Combine these groups into a structure. Use this structure to prepare your presentation.
  • Review what you have created for relevancy to your inquiry question.
  • What you create should share what you have learned, it should be:
    • Meaningful
    • Interesting
    • Clearly articulated
    • Well-documented
    • Relevant
  • Present what you have created.


  • What have I learned?
  • What is most important about my inquiry question?]
  • Who am I presenting my information to?
  • What type of presentation will best suit my inquiry and this particular audience?
  • What are the requirements of my chosen form/style of presentation? What are the steps I need to take in order to create it?
  • Do I need to use all the information I have gathered?
  • How can I most effectively combine the information I have gathered?
  • Does what I have created answer my inquiry question? How?