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Abroad WW1

Access the State Library of Victoria’s online Ergo research resource on events abroad during WW1. Australians earned a ferocious reputation as troops in the First World War. They also earned a reputation as larrikins that paid little attention to military traditions like the observation of rank. Topics include: Gallipoli Actions in France Life in the trenches Morale and relaxation Letters

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Home WW1

Access the State Library of Victoria’s online Ergo research resource on the home front during WW1. Australian men rushed to enlist while loved ones tried to support them any way they could. Soldiers prepared for the new style trench warfare while mothers, daughters and wives at home supported them by sending woollen clothing, care-packages and encouraging words. ( Topics include:

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Dig – The Burke & Wills Research Gateway

From Melbourne, Burke and Wills set out into terra incognita – the unknown land.  Discover an extensive range of resources and stories created by the State Library of Victoria from Burke and Wills expeditions. Dig Resources include: Original documents Artefacts Natural history specimens Images Geocaches Contact information for expedition historian David Phoenix.

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Reconciliation Resources

National Reconciliation Week Resources – ABC Education Videos, articles, games, digibooks and more in relation to National Reconciliation Week.   Search for one of the first Aboriginal soldiers to die on Western Front It was the eleventh hour in a journey to find her great uncle’s resting place when artist Julie Hutchings had a major breakthrough.   Premier honours Anzac

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Going Global – New Foreign Language Magazines

We are building on our collection of foreign language resources in the Library for students to access immersive, on-level articles and content from nations and cultures outside of Australia. Pick a copy up and browse through the pages to see the latest news for teens direct from Italy, Germany, Spain and Japan all the while building on your comprehension and

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