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Building Spaghetti Bridges

Have you ever tried making a bridge out of dried spaghetti? What about a spaghetti bridge that can support a roadway and small car? Watch as teams of first-year university students reveal and test their designs. How did they decide what kind of bridges to build? Have a go at designing, testing and building your own spaghetti bridge. Source: Building

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Crafty ‘Harry Potter’ fan makes genius digital version of the Weasley family’s clock

LONDON — A clever Reddit user has created one of the greatest DIY Harry Potter projects ever: A fully functional, digital recreation of the Weasley family’s clock. The timepiece, which is housed in the shell of an old antique clock and stuffed full of wires and LEDs, was created by user tbornottb3. It communicates with the family’s smartphones to periodically

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Soundplant Version 43

Soundplant is a program that maps recorded sounds to keys on your alphanumerical keyboard – an awesome companion for a Makey Makey in performance projects. You can select your own sound files and map them to keys, or use any of the cool sound packets available at; like the sound effects from Tron, University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios

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