As students at Faith Lutheran College we encouraged you to read books, both fiction and non fiction, as a part of a diverse offering of learning experiences. The benefits of reading can extend beyond enjoyment and research to aiding in:
– the development of verbal abilities;
– improving focus and concentration;
– enhanced ability to use imagination;
– it encourages us to use comprehension, insight, and memory;
– and it relieves stress.

Beyond reading a book, we have challenged students to employ their critical thinking skills and create ‘Book Reviews’. Our Reviews to date are listed below, we hope you enjoy them:

becoming-klBECOMING KIRRALI LEWIS by Jane Harrison star-128star-128star-128star-128
BOOK REVIEW by Charlotte Kowald

‘Becoming Kirrali Lewis’ is a novel by Jane Harrison. Beginning in 1985, the story is centred around Kirrali Lewis – a young Aboriginal girl about to start university in Melbourne. She had almost always known what she would like to do: corporate law, and she was determined to get there. In Kirrali’s home town she had grown used to being seen as different, having been adopted into a loving white family when she was very young. University though, was not entirely what Kirrali expected. Read More…

the-truth-about-pbTHE TRUTH ABOUT PEACOCK BLUE by Rosanne Hawke  star-128star-128star-128star-128
BOOK REVIEW by Charlotte Kowald

‘The Truth About Peacock Blue by local author Rosanne Hawke tells the story of Aster, a Christian girl living in Pakistan. When her older brother dies, Aster is sent to a Muslim high school as the ‘hope of the family.’ Her being Christian in a Muslim community does not agree with some of the students and teachers there. One particular teacher is making life even more difficult for Aster, determined to either convert her religion or get rid of her. Read More…


You can access book reviews and book trailers on the web.. here are a couple of links we recommend.