Magazines In The Library

Come to the Library to explore the latest arrivals of magazines and periodicals. There is plenty on offer to connect with your interests and fuel your research with up to date and reliable secondary sources.

Latest Arrivals:

ChemMatters – February/March 2019

Some topics include:

  • Connecting Chemistry and Art
  • Open for Discussion: Unpacking the Paleo Diet
  • Profile: Chancee Lundy Catalyzes Change
  • Making Sense of Milk
  • What’s Sunless Tanner?
  • The Periodic Table Turns 150
  • Clean, Green Chemistry
TechLife Australia Magazine – June 2019

Some topics include:

  • Emerging Tech
  • UX Triggers
  • Game News
  • Most-useful websites
  • Take control of your online privacy
  • Make a GIF from any video
  • New uses for old Android devices
  • Create a pixel portrait
BBC History Magazine – April 2019

Some topics include:

  • Houses through time
  • The power of medieval rebel princesses
  • Medieval Jews
  • King John’s blood lust
  • The famous Allied breakout from Stalag Luft III PoW camp
  • Marilyn Monroe’s role in the rise of the drone
  • Amritsar Massacre 1919