Looking for a reliable source? Try THE CONVERSATION

We’ve stumbled across a great reliable online resource for researching.. just about anything in the news really!

The Conversation : Academic rigour, journalistic flair

Topics on the website are divided into several key categories:

What makes ‘The Conversation’ different, though, is that it aims to provide its readers with a free high-grade and trusted information service. Here’s what they say makes them stand apart from most news websites:

We are quite different to anything else in the media for the following reasons:

  1. In a world of misinformation and spin, The Conversation contributes to healthy democratic discourse by injecting facts and evidence into the public arena.

  2. All our content is sourced from university scholars and researchers who have deep expertise in their subject.

  3. We are committed to responsible and ethical journalism, with a strict Editorial Charter and codes of conduct. Errors are corrected promptly.

  4. We are transparent, with every author disclosing their expertise, funding, and conflicts of interest.

  5. We are a global knowledge project, with 90 staff based in Australia, the UK, US, Africa and France working with more than 47,000 specialist scholars and researchers. Our aim is to have editors in every part of the world.

  6. All our content is free to read and republish under Creative Commons while the rest of the media charges for re-publication.

  7. We believe in the free flow of information. We disseminate our content to more than 22,000 sites worldwide. That gives our content a global reach of 35 million readers a month, and growing.

  8. To avoid commercial conflict we don’t carry advertising pop-ups or annoying autoplay.

  9. In Australia, we rely on the support of universities, research institutes (inc CSIRO), corporates such as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, as well as foundations and reader donations. In the UK, we rely on the support of universities, research institutes, SAGE and Wellcome Trust, as well as other foundations. In Africa, we rely on the support of major foundations and corporates, as well as the National Research Foundation. In the US, we rely on the support of major foundations. In France, our founding partners are the University Institute of France, Paris Sciences & Humanitites Research University, Sorbonne Paris Cite, Lorraine University and University Paris Saclay. Globally, we are funded by the Carnegie Corporation.

  10. We are a not-for-profit organisation serving the public good.


For more information, read their Charter