Read complete digital magazines anytime, anywhere, on PCs, Macs and Mobile devices with zinio for libraries

Zinio Digital Magazines for Libraries is the world’s largest online magazine newsstand for libraries. This user-friendly site offers South Australian public library customers with access to over 400 full colour digital magazine titles, many of which are Australian. Download popular titles as soon as they are released. New issues are often released as soon as the print edition hits newsstands.

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Local library subscriptions to Zinio will cease, and individual libraries may be required to create a new account. However, this will only be a one-time process, and it will grant your library with access to the much larger consortium subscription.

There is no need to place these magazines on hold, and there are no limits to the number of issues that you can borrow. All borrowed items can be kept indefinitely. This means that there are no overdue fees.

To access Zinio, you will need to visit the library catalogue and click on the Zinio banner. Locate the “Create an Account” link, and enter your details when the new browser window opens.

These details will include a valid library card and PIN number, so make sure that you have this information at hand. Once all details have been entered, press submit and browse away!