Credibility, Content, Currency – Validating Websites

Below are two websites on the same topic.  One of the sites is real and the other is completely made up (albeit rather convincingly!)


Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division
Carbon Monoxide


Gender Prediction


The Ova Prima Foundation
NZ Nutrition Foundation


Dehydrated Water
International Water Association

Endangered Species

Pacific North West Tree Octopus
Endangered Species: Vaquita


To determine the validity of a website consider:


  • Does the web address show that the source is reliable? .edu .gov .com .org .mil (military) and country of origin?
  • Who is the author? Areas of expertise? Qualifications?
  • Does the author provide an email address or other contact information?


  • Is the information accurate? Check with other sources, what do other sites say about this site?
  • Is the information fact or opinion? Is the information trying to influence me?
  • Why was the information posted?
  • Is there a bibliography?
  • Are there quality links to other resources?


  • Is the information up to date?
  • Is a date given for the creation of this site?