Wordsift – word cloud generator

Wordsift is a useful tool for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide or copy and paste. This tool was originally generated by Standford University to aid teachers managing the demands of vocabulary and academic language in their text materials. The clouds create graphic representations that can help you to see and think in new ways about the words within your source text by giving greater prominence to words that appear more frequently.

Consider using Wordsift to:

  • help you to reflect upon a text’s meaning and the importance of words used within it;
  • paste your work into Wordsift to help you to identify over used words;
  • look for key vocabulary words
  • express your feelings

Wordsift is like many word cloud generators online (ie. Wordle) but it also has the ability to mark and sort different lists of words important to educators. Each word in the cloud is clickable to generate links and definitions, visualizations of word thesaurus relationships and Google® searches of images and videos. Also when a word is clicked the program displays instances of sentences in which that word is used in the text.

We have copied and pasted the first page of our Year 12 English text The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, as an example above.